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Years of Experience & Endless Moments of Success

International  Health and Beauty Clinics has over 12 years experience in the domain of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine with a large group of doctors specialized in conducting the latest treatments in a time-efficient manner. We pay careful attention to your needs in order to deliver to you excellent results.


Our Mission: Safety, Satisfaction, & Comfort

We strictly abide by safety procedures so you experience a totally safe, harmless, and comfortable treatment that adds a positive impact to your life as well as empowers your physical, mental, and spiritual health! Secondly, our staff is trained to give you a warm and comfortable experience regarding every single treatment conducted at our clinics. Thirdly, our doctors and specialized therapists pay careful attention to your needs and listen lengthily to your requirements so you can experience absolute satisfaction with the results. Our doctors and specialized therapists advice you about the best treatments by taking into consideration your needs, age, medical status, and other related factors.


Our Vision: You deserve to shine your beauty inside out and outside in!

Our vision is not just to give you the gorgeous look you want with our advanced beauty and aesthetic treatments that serve to beautify your outer appearance to a natural and flawless state and to help you achieve the technical changes you want in your appearance; in fact, our vision goes beyond the physical appearance because our trained experts want you to shine your inner beauty from the inside out. Our certified experts in the field are trained to help you celebrate yourself in every way, but surely to start on the inside and let that glory of celebrating your own self shine to the outside. We want you to feel beautiful on the inside, and then, to let that beauty harmonize with the amazing beauty and aesthetic results you will achieve with our treatments. Yes, we want you to celebrate yourself from the inside out!


Various studies have shown that our self-image affects many aspects of our life and a negative self-image is highly correlated with a negative life. Many beautiful women may feel as if their self-image is negative, weak, incomplete, uncomfortable, or insecure. Our experts are trained to help you appreciate your inner beauty and to also feel more comfortable and content about your outer beauty! We want you to be more confident inwardly as well as outwardly so that you can be anywhere, any place, anytime, and absolutely feel your beauty shining from the inside out and not just your outer beauty reflecting itself. In fact, according to journal studies in the field of Psychology and Aesthetics, a healthy self-image is highly correlated with better health as well as a happier and more content life.

Moreover, you can achieve the gorgeous look you want with our highly developed aesthetic treatments yet without having to suffer in the process or having to put in too much effort from your side. We want your journey towards improving your physical beauty to be cool, simplified, fun, and enjoyable with our warm, caring, and highly skilled doctors and trained therapists. We give you the option of improving your physical appearance with our advanced beauty and aesthetic treatments without having to put too much energy or effort in the process because our advanced machines are designed to do the work for you! However, our beauty consultants and life coaches are trained to bring to your awareness that the first seed of beauty must bloom from your inside. We want your beauty to shine inside out and outside in! A healthy self image improves your overall quality of life and reinforces positive emotions as happiness, comfort, and peace! 

Face, Body, Mind and Spirit Concept

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only; without any intention of commercialism. It’s not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.

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