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Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries.

It’s based on the theory that energy, called chi “chee”, flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians.

Acupuncturists believe that illness occurs when something blocks or unbalances your chi, it’s a way to unblock or influence chi and help it flow back into balance.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body.

Acupuncture is most commonly used to treat :

*Labor , low back and neck Pain
PainReliefihbc*Chemotherapy-induced and postoperative nausea and vomiting
*Dental pain
*Headaches, including tension and migraine
*Menstrual cramps

If you’re OK with the whole needle thing, ear acupuncture could be a great way to slim down !

Acupuncture Points for Weight Loss

The beauty of acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of the individual patient. Acupuncture points on the body will be chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and Qi (stimulating the metabolism) and calming the nervous system.

In addition to treating the root of the imbalance within the body, different acupuncture points may be chosen for each treatment as different symptoms arise.

Generally treatments are scheduled once or twice a week for 8 to 12 weeks or until the goal weight has been reached. The treatments include a combination of auricular (ear) and body acupuncture, ear tacks or pellets to leave on in-between treatments, herbs and supplements, abdominal massage, breathing exercises, and food and lifestyle recommendations.

Ear Pointsacupuncture-ihbc
Acupuncture points on the ears have been found to be particularly effective for weight loss. The human ear has been described as a micro-system of the body in an inverted fetal position; it contains points relating to all major organs and body parts.
Auricular points for weight loss are stimulated with small tacks during treatment. Then seed-sized beads or magnets are taped to the points to enhance the effectiveness of the points at home. The beads will generally stay in place for 3 days to a week and can be gently massaged for 10-second intervals if cravings occur.

Here are some of the most commonly used auricular points:

  • Shenmen: Important point for calming the mind and reducing stress
  • Small Intestine: Reinforces spleen, promotes digestion.
  • Mouth: Calming point used for smoking, over eating and hyperactive talking.
  • Hunger Point: Used to relieve hunger and control compulsive eating
  • Endocrine point: Moves liver Qi and aids in the function of the metabolism.
  • Kidney: For water retention, and nervous system and hormonal imbalances.

A Total Health Program

Most patients report a marked decline in appetite and cravings with acupuncture alone but herbs, healing foods, and exercises can definitely enhance the efficacy of the treatments.

Herbs and Healing Foods: The herbs and foods that are chosen during a weight loss treatment are for promoting healthy digestion, energizing the body, augmenting Qi, and improve elimination of water, toxins, and waste products. Foods that are bitter, sour and acrid to taste are especially good for weight loss, while sweet, salty and greasy foods should be reduced. imagesANLO0VQ9

Abdominal massage/exercise: Points on the abdomen improve digestion, absorption of food and peristalsis of the intestines. The abdominal points can be stimulated with massage or by belly breathing, where the abdomen is consciously moving in and out with each breath. Deep breathing with visualization can also strengthen will power and be used as a tool to curb hunger and cravings.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are powerful tools for healthy weight loss, by itself or as a supportive treatment in conjunction with other weight management programs.

In the struggle to eat less and expend more energy, you may find that acupuncture is just what was needed to overcome cravings, boost energy, enhance your metabolism, and increase your willpower to succeed!


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Using acupuncture needles on specific points on the face to enhance beauty and preserve a youthful IMG_2077appearance has been done for centuries in China and other Asian countries. It’s is done in the same fashion as acupuncture done for general health and specific conditions, with the goal of creating collagen just under the skin to help fill in wrinkles and plump skin, similar to the results of Botox, Restylane or plastic surgery. This treatment improve muscle tone and dermal contraction, increase collagen production, tightens pores, and increases local circulation of blood and lymph around the face. It can be used to reduce a double chin and sagging jowls help to decrease inflammation, puffy or droopy eyelids.

Like traditional acupuncture, the cosmetic version also aims to balance the body’s energy and create a sense of well-being.

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