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Body Composition Analyzer

Teneyol5-BCABody Composition Analyzer

Introduction :

Body Fat Analyzer detects various elements of human body and analyzes human health status that applies the accurate measurement of AVR micro computer controller, bases on new statistics method DXA, analyses human elements: fat, weight, BMI, non-fat and other health indicators through frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis scientific basis for losing weight effectively. Which is considered as an epoch-making results of the health industry.

It is health for each test, thus develop new treatments analysis of health data to lose weight. Apply to hospitals, beauty clubs, sports and scientific research centers, institutions and enterprises, government agencies, sports clubs, health management and accessing agencies, it can help people evaluate their body state accurately. Because it has the functions of human body elements analyze, muscle and fat analyze, obesity analyze and healthy assessment.

How it works :

  • Body fat analysis machine using principles of human biotechnology.
  • 8 Points-electrode contact : There are tow parts of each electrode used to measure the human body’s elements and also to be  used to measure the elements in various parts of the body’s resistance value in accurately.
  • The structure of a clear, easy to install and easy to maintain .
  • To results of the analysis in order to be able to approach the output statements to clients.

Selling Points :

Comprehensive assessment of client’s water, protein, inorganic salt and bone mass content taking into weight and skeleton weight. It also able to measure obesity and water ratio.

It is highly efficient in storing up to 120 records using multi analysis protocols to bring out the most accurate results!

It is highly advanced for body mass composition analysis for any nutritionist or dietician who wants this advantage.

Return of Investment :

Many clients are curious about knowing their body composition as well as gaining the benefit of accuracy attained from this advanced machine thus the return of investment is more than possible in 2 to 5 months!

Application :

  • Body composition : water content, protein, inorganic salt, bone mass.
  • Muscle fat analysis : body weight, skeleton weight, fat weight.
  • Obesity analysis :  weight, fat weight, WHR, water ratio, B.MR.
  • Obesity diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive assessment.
  • Weight control.
  • Exercise intensity.
  • Dietary reference intake.
  • Health evaluation.

جهاز تحليل مكونات الجسم

نقاط البيع :

تقيّيم شامل لمحتوى الماء، والبروتين والأملاح غير العضويّة والكتلة العظاميّة مع أخذ في عين اعتبار تفاصيل مثل نسبة الدهون في العضلات ووزن الدهون ووزن الهيكل. كما يسمح بقياس البدانة ونسبة الماء. آلة فعّالة جدا” في حفظ ما يصل الى 120 سجلّ بواسطة بروتوكولات متعددة التحليل لضمان نتائج دقيقة. آلة متقدّمة جدا” لتحليل مكونات الجسم لأخصائيي التغذية الراغبين باستفادة من هذه الخدمة.

عائد الاستثمار :

أشخاص كثيرون في معرفة مكونات جسمهم واﻹستفادة من الدقّة التي تقدّمها هذه الآلة المتقدّمة، بالتالي فانّ عائد اﻹستثمار يمكن تحقيقه خلال 2-5 أشهر.

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