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Dr. David Abou Khalil

Dr. David Abou Khalil

Dr. David Abou Khalil
Talented in multi-specialties & advanced treatments & therapies reveal the distinctive and diverse qualifications of Dr.David Abou Khalil. David’s extensive years of experience in the field simply means he has worked thousands of cases with positive and significant results in many diverse domains treating the person as a whole around the world for over seventeen years extended experience.
• Specialized in Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard Medical school, Benson Henry Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy.
• Specialized in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (Advanced practitioner) for an easy treatment of several mental health issues, core identity issues and physical diseases..
• Commitment Anxiety
• Phobias, Fears and Anxiety
• Fear of failure
• Binge eating/drinking
• Self Worth/Self-Confidence Issues
• Fear of Authority
• Relationship Issues
• Grief
• Alcoholism
• Gambling
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Binge eating and drinking
• Substance abuse
• Sexual addiction/obsession
• Fetishism
• Porn addiction
• Masturbation fixation
• Bullying
• Immune System Tune Up
• Thyroid Problems
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• I.B.S.
• Pain Management
• Diabetes .. And much much more in a lunch time period
• Specialized in transformative Breathwork therapy for the treatment of advanced stress and emotional management.
• Specialized in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. (USJ & Tianjin university)
• Practitioner of Holistic and Psychosomatic Medicine.
• Founder at Consciousness Mind Surgery, a psychotherapy technique combining: Energy healing,Polarity therapy, Auric cleansing, Subconscious reprogramming & Conscious connected breathing for a total spiritual,energetic &emotional liberation.
• Specialized in Psychic surgery, Radionics and Radiesthsia. (Venus, India)
• Specialized in Addiction Therapy. (The university of Adelaide)
• Practionner of BioResonance Therapy, a quantum therapy approach for the treatment of physical and psychological diseases.
• Holder of the of American Board of Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine (American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine): David utilizes the best and latest techniques for anti-aging treatments including advanced therapies for a new and natural look, or to correct any anomaly in the face or body in the safest and most effective ways possible.
• Doctor of Physical Therapy (Lebanese University & USJ): David’s advanced physical therapy techniques allow you to be free from pain using superior techniques. By tackling the major problem behind your pain, David listens carefully and comprehensively to you to ensure accurate diagnosis & effective treatment plan are made for your special case, furthermore he is following his doctorate degree in this fascinating specialty.
• Graduate of Advanced Manual Myoskeletal therapy (FFPI, USA): David’s unique and advancedChiropractic Myoskeletal / Pain management Therapy™ incorporates deep-tissue, joint stretching, postural therapeutic routines, & facial mobilization techniques to assess or correct all of your postural / myoskeletal disturbances like complex neck, back, hip, rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, TOS, SI joint, & plantar fasciitis pain. David’s goal is that you experience an absolute relief from pain.
• Specialist in Lymphatic System Therapy (Centre Universitaire Hospitalier de Versaille): David’s unique slimming therapies boosts your immunity by effectively evacuating toxins from your body & also offers a safe treatment for lymphatic drainage allowing you to feel fresh & light. It can be used to detoxify, firm, tone, & improve your circulation.
• Distinctive Graduate of Healing, Energy Therapy (HHS, USA): David’s treatment normalizes your circulation of life energy & helps you with stubborn body diseases such as thyroid problems, sore throats, laryngitis, ear infections, ulcers, any facial problems (chin, cheek, lips, tongue, & jaw problems), neck & shoulder pain, and many more! This healing therapy can effectively treat psychosomatic issues including depression, anxiety, fearfulness, negativity, intolerance, & stress…
General secretary of the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapists.
Certified Hypnotherapist & Instructor of 7path (National Guild of Hypnotherapy; Certified Banyan Institute of Training & Services) Many of the benefits of David’s Hypnotherapy sessions (5th and 7th Path Hypnosis) are: healing of major obsessions & harmful addictions, managing chronic & acute pain, reducing anger and stress, weight loss, re-calling and dealing with childhood traumas, addressing acute & chronic sleep disorders, promoting long-lasting relaxation, changing stubborn behavior, and recovering buried memories as well as treating anxiety and depression. David’s qualified and distinctive sessions offer a completely relaxing experience with absolutely no side-effects & are a solution for many problems in just a few sessions. David is also a a Certified Instructor in 7th Path Hypnosis meaning that you are able to become a certified Hypnotherapist by taking part in his advanced workshops. 7th Path Hypnosis goes a step further than traditional self-hypnosis to remove & neutralize negative programming before replacing it with positive reprogramming for new behaviors or goals.
• Specialist in Polarity Therapy (Energy, dietetics, & bodywork – HHS, USA): David’s distinctive Polarity Therapy addresses many different levels of healing for the following problems: subtle energy, nervousness, musculo-skeletal problems, cardiovascular problems, myofascial pains, respiratory and digestive dysfunctions, as well as your emotional & mental pains. It tackles many varied and different expressions of disease by unlocking the holding patterns that create the symptoms in you!
• Expert in Cosmetology & Body Remodeling (A.E France) : David is an expert in latest & most advanced non-surgical procedures that enable the toning, firming, & remodeling of your body with no side-effects, medicines, or pain. David believes that every woman & man deserve a stunning body whatever their age or lifestyle. David’s advanced slimming treatments help clients drop weight with their need to put too much effort or stress!
• Expert in Advanced Medical Laser Therapy (A.E France): David’s latest trainings and treatments on advanced machines in laser hair removal allow both women and men of all hair colors to be free from hair without pain or side-effects.
• Expert in Metaphysical Psychology: David is an expert in this domain and he is a holder of a doctorate degree in this fascinating specialty.
Teacher of Mind Body Techniques, Mindfulness meditation, and Energy medicine.
• Founder of Several Clinics Worldwide 1- Founder of Great Adonia (2012, Lebanon): His “chef d’oeuvre” is the creation of Great Adonia Concept – an innovative and dynamic foundation approach for changing the body & spirit transformation as well as evolution towards the higher energy. Great Adonia Concept believes everything in our solar system that constitutes the macrocosm is Energy as well as the human being that constitutes the microcosm. This flow of energy is detectable / measurable, & any disturbance of the human being vital energy can lead to behavioral and physiological disturbances that affects our beauty & health from inside to outside. The vision & mission of Great Adonia is to normalize the flow of the vital energy thus treating the roots of the issue without neglecting its repercussion on the face & body, hence it is a side by side fusion of the ancient healing arts & the latest medical technologies for body slimming & reshaping as well as facial regeneration. 2- Founder of International Beauty Clinics (2015, Lebanon): Years of Experience & Never-ending Moments of Success means that International Beauty Clinics has over 12 years experience in the domain of Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine with a large group of doctors specialized in conducting the latest treatments in a time-efficient manner.


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