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Multifunctional 2 : Cryolipolysis + Cavitation + Radio Frequency ( RF )

Multifunctional 2 : Cryolipolysis + Cavitation + Radio Frequency ( RF )

Selling points :

This inclusion of 3 integrative slimming distinctions allows therapists to achieve many aesthetic benefits for the client!

The machine’s Cryolipolysis part effectively breaks fat totally while the Cavitation helps work on the very thick fat levels to successfully break it off. The benefit of Radio Frequency (RF) is that it contours the body to be flat as well as improves sagging skin and protects it after has been removed.

Thus, this distinctive and advanced machine “breaks fat” using Cavitation. It removes the fat completely using Cryolipolysis while also improves the metabolism of the client. Finally, client achieves toned skin after “fat” is removed because the Radio Frequency tones the skin effectively to achieve an ultimate model look for the client!

Return of Investment :

Due to the significant reduction in fat and its distinctive ability to also target cellulite in the body, this highly advanced machine achieves a slimming advantage and makes the return of investment form 3-5 months!



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