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Magnum Ion Treatment


Magnum Ion:

Pain free Magnum Ion technology brings to you a state of fitness. Body toning and reshaping is achieved in the most efficient time since every 20 minutes is equal to 2 hours of intensive exercise.

How It Works ?

Magnum Ion utilizes the waveform technology used on the pacemaker to smoothly pulse the body’s muscles, it does not use electrical currents which twitch or jerk muscles. The waveforms used in pacemaker technology help to smoothly flex the heart muscles to get the heart to work normally.

Using the same technology, Magnum Ion waveforms flex the muscles the same way they would flex during normal physical exercise. However, unlike the time it takes with conventional exercise, the Magnum Ion results in remarkable inch loss and muscle building in only seventeen effortless minutes.IHBC-magnum ion

The  Magnum Ion waveform is a composite of 1,000 waveforms which were researched individually in Gerry Pollock’s laboratory. This compact square waveform is specifically designed to mimic brain waves so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. The Magnum Ion can be used on almost any muscle group on the body, and if used regularly, combined with a sensible diet, will help you fight the flab without having to hit the gym.

Is it suitable for me?

YES if …

  • you are too busy to hit the gym.
  • you hit the gym but want to optimize your workout.
  • you had a C-section and want to tighten your tummy.
  • you had surgery and have been unable to exercise.


تقنية الأيون ماغنوم :

تمنحك تقنية الأيون ماغنوم لياقةً بدنيةً بدون ألم. تساعد هذه التقنية على شدّ الجسم ونحته بأسرع وقت، بما أن كل 20 دقيقة تساوي ساعتين من التمارين المكثفة.

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