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Facial Tattoo – Your Facial Package for Artistic Beauty!

Professional tattoo performed by experts for your eyebrows, lips, as well as for eyelashes. Our tattoo products are the best in the market to give you a quality tattoo using safe and new injections. We want to give you exactly what you want so our experts listen to you comprehensively and show you many samples so that you can with their help choose the very best that suits your face or body, and fits your lifestyle, personality, and character. We want our professional tattoo to be in tuned with you, and to add a significant and gorgeous artistic touch to your face and body.


Professional Make Up – Our Artistic Make-up Ecstasy on your face!90573579a89094ed82ea24f0bac3633eOur high quality brands and products give you an attractive face with the artistic talent of our professional make up artists who aim to make you not just satisfied but also amazed! The strikingly beautiful look you want for any event is possible as our artists emphasize on bringing out the beauty in your facial expressions with quality make-up, dedicated time, and artistic talent! Our experts are focused on making your beauty shine inside out, and matching the personality of the event, your own personality, and your make up all together in a harmonious and lovely way.


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Tattoo Removal

Utilizing the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, the laser permeate the epidermis into the dermis which includes amount of pigment mass. Since the laser pulses in nanosecond but with super high energy, the shot pigment mass swell quickly and breaks into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolic system.

About Treatment

  • No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin, leaving no scar.
  • Short treating time and easy operation
  • High quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard.
  • Tiny sense of pain, Anesthesia is unnecessary in most cases
  • No downtime and interruption of routine activities, no side effect.


  • The special pigments may fall off and the common pigments precipitate since the vaporization of skin and death of cuticle.
  • There may be swelling or blood clot under skin, but it will recover in 20 to 60 days, varied with individual’s skin property.

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only; without any intention of commercialism. It’s not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.

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