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Ultra breast and butt lift technology

Ultra breast and butt lift technology

Ultra breast and butt lift technology is a technique inspired by a centuries-old Asian tradition called cupping therapy.

Back then, the Chinese would use this method to create suction on the skin by means of a flame enclosed within a glass suction cup that consumed the oxygen in the suction cup, creating a pressure capable of sucking the skin. Although far from the purpose it serves today, the Chinese had already understood at the time the benefits of such a technique for the skin and muscles.

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Today, the main effect sought by the vacuum therapy butt lift is to reshape the buttocks into a more beautiful silhouette.

Ultra breast and butt lift technology is performed using a machine connected to suction cups that suck on the skin and flesh to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system. It also helps to firming-up the buttock muscles.

This stimulation thus enhances natural fat elimination in the butt, reduces the appearance of cellulite and, above all, increases the volume of the buttocks!

Note that these lifting treatment can also be done on the breast to do the vacuum breast lift.

How does the breast enlargement Essex work?
The vacuum breast fit treatment is a combination of three treatments which includes vacuum suction, photodynamic light therapy, and micro-current charge. During the session, cups are placed over each breast for a certain duration. The only discomfort you might experience is due to vacuum suctions, but you can adjust to a level you that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Some therapist also uses the vacuum machine approved by FDA.
The vacuum cupping is a combination of and latest technological advancements. The combination allows therapists to provide unique, safe and effective non-surgical treatments. A session can last for approximately 30 minutes during which blood and lymph circulation have enhanced the breast, which in turn allows for breast lifting.
The vacuum suction ion the other hand causes the breast muscles to contract and strengthen which cause the breast to be firmer and the muscles tight. The muscles will have a more permanent state during the cause of the treatments and become more toned and stronger which leads to a fuller breast appearance. The process used naturally reduces toxins from the body via the lymphatic systems. The lift is natural and non-surgical or non-invasive.

Is Ultra breast and butt lift technology safe?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure, so you can expect few to no side effects. However, you may feel slight pain and tightness after the procedure.

Mild swelling can also occur.


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