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Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Therapy – Your Easy Way to a Sexy Body!
Fat Treatment + Cellulite Treatment + Lympathic Drainage + Skin Tightening in One Device!
Vacuum Therapy is the perfect slimming treatment for you based on a mixture of two distinctive techniques recognized for many benefits that have been proven in the aesthetic field: deep massage and negative pressure. When this deep tissue kneading is carried out towards your muscle fibers and your lymphatic ganglion, a heat effect is produced at the local level designed specially to reduce the enlargement of your physical curves. This also effectively improves the appearance of your skin.

Vaccum Therapy is excellent for physical shaping and molding of your body to give you an attractive shape, lifting of the Gluteus, and over-all improvement of the quality of your skin so that you can finally feel pleased in your new, molded, and attractive skin.

Vacuum Therapy system uses suction and power driven rollers to manipulate and massage the tissues in problem cellulite areas. Vacuum Therapy is a completely safe, natural, and non-invasive technique that also promotes relaxation and wellbeing.

Within our advanced vaccum therapy machine, there is also Infrared and Quadrupolar Radio Frequency (RF) using the same head of the Vaccum device! The vaccum treats Cellulite and Lympathic drainage, while the Quadrupolar Radio Frequency achieves ultimate skin tightening effect for your body. At international beauty clinics, we help you slim down with an advanced machine that has a specialized handle that melts your fat and cellulite away as well as tightens your skin in one treatment!

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