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IPL treatment

Laser-Skin-Rejuvenation-treatmentIntense Pulsed Light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses including fine , blond and white hair removal , photo rejuvenation (skin pigmentation, sun damage and thread veins) and treatment of some dermatologic diseases such as acne .

The technology uses a high-powered hand-held computer-controlled flashgun, to deliver an intense visible broad spectrum pulse of light, generally in the visible spectral range of 400 to 1200 nm.


IPL Indications and benefits :




Acne most commonly develops when skin cells don’t shed properly – the cells stick together and plug up the pores. This blockage encourages an oil called sebum and a bacteria called propionibacterium (P. acnes) to build up in the skin pores, leading to inflammation. The oil is produced by the sebaceous glands.

IPL Acne Treatment is an effective new light-based therapeutic therapy is now revolutionizing the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Treatment destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne — without drugs, without pain and without downtime.

IHBC-acne ipl



Age Spots & Sun Damage

Remove Age Spots. Aging has three main factors: genetics, time and environment. While you can’t change what kind of skin you inherit or the number of years on your calendar, IPL treatments can dramatically improve appearance by removing visible cues like age spots. brownspot-IHBCProtocol varies according to the individual, but on the average, expect 2-6 treatments scheduled at approximately 3-4-week intervals. Age spots darken temporarily after treatment, then slough off in a matter of days, revealing smoother, more even skin tone and a more youthful appearance.



Alleviate Rosacea. If you suffer from the chronic redness and flushing that characterize facial rosacea, you know how aggravating this condition can be, and how it can negatively affect so much of your life.  IPL offers a practically painless and long-term solution for rosacea treatment. Results that will not only change how you look…but how you feel. imagesMKQV7CQX
Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea. Unpronounceable, but thanks to IPL, not untreatable.  The facial redness, flushing and visible blood vessels associated with this condition will gradually vanish with targeted IPL treatment. Controlled injury to the blood vessels initiates the body’s natural response to break down and remove damaged tissue.  New cells rebuild and replace the problem area with clear, beautiful skin.


Broken Capillaries

You know those little red lines that appear around the nose or on your cheeks…and stubbornly resist cover-up?  Ilaser_vein_removal_before_and_afterPL treatment can banish them.

By delivering broadband light in highly focused pulses, IPL provides pinpoint accuracy to capillary removal that won’t disturb healthy tissue or other blood vessels in the area. Veins disappear. And there’s nothing to show you’ve had anything done, except clearer, younger-looking skin.

Fade Freckles

What might be adorable as a kid often proves less desirable as an adult. Bleaching agents, strong acid peels or ablative lasers were a common approach until Intense Pulsed Light. IPL freckle treatment works without causing allergic reactions, burns or the uneven skin tones often associated with bleaching.Lentigines-Freckles

And unlike aggressive peels and lasers, it doesn’t damage healthy tissue, cause scarring or require a lengthy recovery. After a few gentle treatments, even the most stubborn freckles simply fade away.



Hair Removal imagesAL4GA7IN

The newest generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems, produces a precise beam of light energy, which safely transmits through the skin, selectively targeting pigment in hair the follicles. When this light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle of the hair, it coverts to heat, which in turn causes thermal damage to the follicle and permanently destroys the hair. The heat also disables the cells responsible for new hair growth.



The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only; without any intention of commercialism. It’s not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.





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